• The Influence Event

  • For Business Leaders,

  • Teams & Entrepreneurs

  • Sept. 27, 2017

  • Grand Bend, Ontario

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September 27, 2017

Oakwood Resort, Grand Bend
Registration Opens at 7:30am
Full Ontario Breakfast 8:00am

Why Influence?

If You Want To Transform People’s Lives,
Your First Step Is To Influence.

The Influence Effect…

The smartest, most effective marketers in the world use storytelling to persuade. Every product and service has a compelling story to tell. The company with the best story wins.

Terry O'Reilly

Terry O’Reilly

“If You Don't Have A Story, You Don't Have A Business” with Terry O’Reilly…
From CBC Radio’s “Under the Influence” program, Terry is known as a passionate (and humorous) speaker. His presentation includes powerful examples of Canadian and international marketing campaigns that used storytelling in surprising and enormously effective ways. Terry will share:

  • How storytelling can add immediate value to your product/service.
  • How to harvest stories from your company/organization and your customers.
  • How storytelling can communicate intangible qualities like trust, confidence, and security.
  • How stories can launch new products and maintain mature brands.
  • How storytelling creates intense customer loyalty.
  • Why the best storytellers are the best listeners.
  • Why storytelling is one of the most cost-effective strategies in marketing.

Terry has won hundreds of national and international awards for his writing and directing, and has worked with such notable actors as Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres, Kiefer Sutherland, Bob Newhart, Martin Short, and Drew Carey. Marketing Magazine chose Terry as one of Canada's "Most Influential" marketing people.

Terry O'ReillyTerry’s latest book, “This I Know: Lessons from Under The Influence,” a collection of marketing epiphanies to help companies outsmart their competitors, not outspend them, will be available for sale (and some will be given away).

Influence elevates your business…

When you master your influence, you shape your destiny – personally and professionally. Understand how to strategically connect, engage, and influence your market…and build a loyal customer base that is eager to pay a premium for you.

On this day, you’ll learn how to use storytelling in your marketing and why it works so well to create a high-impact presence, increase conversions, maximize referrals, build brand equity, and strengthen your influence to drive sales long term.

Laurie Hawkins

“Influence is like a magnet that has a compelling and unexplainable force that inspires people to follow you!”

Laurie Hawkins
Igniting People, Evolving Business & Inspiring Change

A successful business leader for over 20 years, Laurie understands the challenges of connecting with customers in today’s market and how traditional sales and service methodologies are not driving the desired influence and results. As a certified business coach, success strategist, speaker, facilitator, and founder of Hawk Inspired, Laurie is a high energy, “make it happen” person who loves to work with high achieving people and teams. Laurie will share how you can S.O.A.R. with Influence to create meaningful connections with your customers. We will explore this new reality and how to build it into your business in an authentic and sustainable way.

Susan Regier

“Influence is the ability to impact others through words, actions, and deeds. It is your most profitable skill!”

Susan Regier
Igniting People, Evolving Business & Inspiring Change

With 20 years experience working with amazing clients and influencing them to achieve remarkable success, Susan’s commitment is to bring confidence, clarity, and credibility to their brand so they can create influence within their own markets. An in demand marketing content writer, speaker, and "tell-it-like-it-is" coach/mentor to serious entrepreneurs, Susan will share how you can tell your story, and your customer stories, in a way that is authentic, emotionally engaging, and influential to communicate your brand message. Susan is the publisher of Networking Today, Canada’s online resource to connect professionals, build relationships, and grow businesses.

Influence creates a better community…

Learn from a panel of master influencers within our own community. Discover what inspired these visionaries to create a better world and legacy of giving. Their stories will change your life!

Melissa Schenk

Melissa Schenk, Master of Ceremonies

Owner and founder of MS2 Productions, Melissa is passionate about the power of video. As a high impact digital video marketing agency that focuses on storytelling across all social platforms, MS2 Productions offers Full Throttle Video Marketing Solutions that will Drive your Results! You will stand out from your competition, and boost your profits - PERIOD! Through Content Marketing, MS2 crafts powerful messages and creative campaigns that speak to your customers, educate prospects, increase conversions, and builds brand equity.

Kathie Gilmour

Kathie Gilmour

Owner/Operator McDonald’s
Kathie Gilmour, President of Eleven Foods Incorporated, obtained her Honours Co-op BSc degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. She was the owner of Canadian Washroom Products, Inc., a subcontracting firm in Burlington for nearly 20 years before becoming the owner/operator of four McDonald’s locations in Elmira, Fergus, Waterloo, and St. Jacobs on August 1, 2016.

Your Influence Imprint

Every day you impact your world by leaving your mark – as unique as your fingerprint and just as imperceptible.

You may never know how you’ve touched another’s life.

You leave your mark on the world by influencing those around you who in turn influence others…making a global impact.

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September 27, 2017
8:00am – 12:15pm (Registration opens at 7:30am)
Oakwood Resort, 70671 Bluewater Highway, Grand Bend, Ontario

Influenced by:

Laurie Hawkins


Susan Regier


Optional Accommodation at Oakwood Resort
Special Rate for September 26, 2017
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